Sad video from one of the richest cities of the world: Look’s like Christmas in the largest ghetto in Los Angeles

The video is made by a moving car, and the video shows that among the homeless there are women and children. The mentioned quarter is located in Los Angeles’s “Business Resource”, one of the richest cities in the world, but it is precisely this quarter considered one of the most dangerous to live in the United States. More and more citizens are on the verge of becoming homeless and this is one of the biggest problems facing Californian authorities. This is the reality of the poor people in Los Angeles that shocked all of America.

One of them is the nurse Marwa Eriksson, who tells the US media that she sleeps in her car in the last three months. She decided on that step because of the high queen, and in the hospital she was allowed to use the shower and toilet.

This problem in Los Angeles is so widespread that a program called the “Safe Parking Program” is introduced, thanks to which people can park their cars free of charge in car parks around churches, associations and state institutions. Only 23 such parking spaces were registered in Santa Barbara alone.

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