Spirulina, Food Of The Future. Know All The Advantages Of This Nutrient

Today it has become a food supplement of fashion that even the famous have adopted not only to incorporate their vitamins and nutrients but also because this wonderful alga is able to make you lose weight.

Specialists advise the consumption of spirulina to anyone who wants to supplement their diet with something natural but mainly those who practice veganism and have vegetarian habits because it offers the equivalent in protein similar to that provided by red meat or other products of animal origin. They double their nutrients by almost 400 times!

The Mayans and the Aztecs already had to know the properties of spirulina because these men who lived so many years ago consumed this seaweed in a habitual way. It grows in alkaline lakes and has 21 amino acids.

If you have already tried the spirulina you can consider yourself included in the list of precursors of the consumption of this super nutritive seaweed that today is already considered the food of the future.

The UN declared it “the food of the millennium” since according to the researchers this alga grows spiral form, hence its name; It represents a source of nutrients so complete that we hardly find it in any other product of nature.

It is even considered that this complete alga can cover food deficiencies in third world countries where famine and lack of food represent the main challenge.

If the idea of consuming an algae is a bit strange, when you read all of what spirulina is capable of, you will want to incorporate it into your diet in any way. Below, we will give you several reasons why consuming spirulina is good for your health.

– It contains a large number of antioxidants that strengthen the immune system.
– It contains a large amount of gamma-linolenic acid and niacin, ideal for reducing cholesterol.
– Prevents cancer and the appearance of tumors thanks to its antioxidants that repel the action of free radicals.
– The detoxifying power of chlorophyll decreases the toxicity of drugs, especially those deposited in the kidneys.
– It favors the formation of intestinal flora, prevents intestinal infections and constipation.
– It helps to balance blood glucose, which represents a benefit for diabetics.
– It provides a feeling of fullness, avoiding in this way that you eat in excess of hours, a bad habit makes us gain weight.
– It helps the heart and protects the cardiovascular system.
– It has high iron content so it is indicated in patients affected by anemia.
– Relieves the pains of chronic diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism due to its antioxidants, gamma-linolenic acid, pantothenic acid, and serine.
– Improves brain function and memory thanks to its amino acids.
– Improves the view.
– Prevents bone diseases.
– Its vitamins, minerals, and acids provide energy, improve sexual activity and increase the vitality of people.
– Improves the condition of allergy sufferers.
– Its antiviral properties have been effective in the treatment of HIV, hepatitis, and herpes.


Surely you’re already wondering how to get this alga so beneficial to health. Well, there are several ways to incorporate spirulina into your diet.

You can buy it in powder or in pills in specialized stores or in herbalists. In case you get it in powder just by mixing two teaspoons in a fruit or vegetable smoothie it will be enough for you to enjoy all its benefits.

You can also take the pills that will surely come with the corresponding indications or you can add this same powder to salads or other foods (guacamole, pesto, mashed potatoes, pasta, rice, etc.).

It is important to note that specialists recommend the consumption of spirulina only in the form of powder because in capsules or pills it loses a little of its properties.

Although it is a completely natural food and with many properties and health benefits is not recommended for people with anorexia or pregnant women.

Thank you for taking a little of your time and reading this article that we have done specially for you with a lot of love and affection, God bless you.

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