He Places A Raw Potato Into A Pot Of Boiling Water – I Never Knew About This Neat Trick!

If we want to become good cooks you need to know that cooking chefs know some tricks that can we use and that can help us. The amazing chef Davy Devaux  shared some of his knowledge on his YouTube channel and  shared  a list of 6 useful tricks that will make your cook:




So here they are:

1.Remove the shell from a boiled egg:

Poor some water in a jar, place the boiled egg and close it.Shake the jar a few times and look the shell has fallen off.I believe this is the fastest way.

2.Remove skin from garlic:

Here we do the same as with the egg but without water.

We just have to remove the skin that falls off from the jar couple of times until all the skin is off.

3.Peel a kiwi:

First, you cut the kiwi in half and then take a glass cup and simply remove the skin. H

4. Cut banana into slices:

With a sewing needle cut into the banana on every few centimeters along the length of the banana. Cool trick to show to your friends.

5.Remove the core from peppers:

Simply cut the pepper from the bottom to the top and easily remove the core.

6.Peel a potato:

If you slice around a potato before you put it in boiling water, the water will do all the work for you and peel the potato.

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