What Happens In Your Body If You Drink A Glass Of Salty Water Every Day?

Water with lemon or apple cider vinegar is good but is it better than salty water?Did you know that the combination of pure sea salt and water as part of a regular diet can regenerate our organism thanks to the minerals in this drink with great nutritional value…

All you need to do is to mix:

-3 deciliters water and 

-a tablespoon of salt (Himalayan is better).

Drink it with breakfast or during the day.


1. Proper hydration

Too much water, makes the body to a lack of sodium, leading to hyponatremia. Salt helps the body to absorb water and to maintain sodium balance in the body.

2. Detoxification

Salty water has minerals that help the body’s natural detoxification and phasing out harmful toxins and also has antibacterial properties, discarding bacteria from the body.

3. Digestion of food

Salt activates the glands in the mouth which emit a protein that helps in the proper decomposition of food and thus significantly facilitates the process of digestion.

4. Dream

Salty water could also become a solution for insomnia. Natural minerals in the salt soothe the body and nervous system and reduce the level of cortisol in the body etc. stress hormone, which often does not allow us to sleep.

5. Leather

Salty water will reduce acne, rash, eczema and keep skin smooth and clean. Sea water works wonderfully on the skin and cup of salty water can from inside help in the regeneration of the skin.

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