They Poison Us! Photos From Inside Chemtrail Planes Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

“Hello, I have been following your website every day and am grateful there are like-minded individuals, like yourself, that are consciously aware of global issues I knew since I was a young girl”. “I found pictures from a credible source from the interior of planes used for chemtrails and thought it would be best to share them along” expresses Laura, one of our readers….

“Through seeing these pictures, it will spread awareness about it within your website. When I was asked if the source would discuss these photos, they told me: that they didn’t want to disclose any identities and would like to be anonymous. There must be a very good reason for this and I wholeheartedly respect that”
Please spread awareness of these photos so people can wake up to the realization that this is not just a conspiracy anymore…the world is being polluted in unimaginable ways…

Here are the pictures strewn across the internet. What are your thoughts?

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