They Rescued This Dog Called Gilbert, But What’s That Near His Chest? (PHOTOS)

While this may seem like a heartbreaking story, it really is uplifting in that Gilbert the dog was able to overcome a very serious difficulty with the help of some very caring individuals.It was Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue out of New Mexico who first found Gilbert. The condition he was in was truly shocking…

A tumor of this size was something no one was prepared for. None of the rescuers had seen anything like it before, yet all of the rescuers were thinking the same thing: it may be too late for this dog. Nevertheless, they rushed Gilbert to an emergency vet and prayed.

While at the hospital, there was discussion regarding the issue of being able to safely operate on Gilbert who had a malnourished body. Almost as if he had overheard the concern of the doctors, Gilbert suddenly rose to his feet and hobbled over to them while staring directly at them. There then seemed to be a universal agreement among the doctors, that they would go ahead and proceed. It was like Gilbert approached and asked them, “Can’t you guys at least try…please?”

And try they did. Gilbert had the operation, and it was successful! A campaign had already begun for hospital cost donations and while they met the goal of raising over 6 grand, people were so taken back by Gilbert and his condition, that the donation goal was actually doubled!

Gilbert not only hung on while suffering from such an enormous growth, he also made it clear that he wasn’t done with his dog years just yet and he was going to fight and continue to hope that these doctors could help him.

After he recovered, Gilbert was up for adoption. And look what happened:

Yes, he was adopted and has now found his forever home where he can make up for all the lost time of not being able to run and play like all dogs love to do!

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