They Rushed Him To The ER For A Shark Bite. The Truth Doctors Discover Makes His Survival Even More Miraculous!

They Rushed Him To The ER For A Shark Bite. The Truth Doctors Discover Makes His Survival Even MORE Miraculous!Massachusetts’s resident Eugene Finney was looking forward to his California vacation for months…

He booked the trip with his girlfriend and kids.But when he got there things took a drastic turn.Finney got attacked by a shark – and it was the luckiest thing that ever happened to him.

While 20-feet underwater, Finney felt something smash into him with so much force it left him delirious. He eventually resurfaced and struggled back to shore.When he crawled onto the beach, his kids screamed. Their dad had a huge gash running down his back just as lifeguards were warning swimmers of sharks.

Although he was beaten and bloody, Finney wasn’t even sure he survived a shark attack. Until he heard about another swimmer attacked that day.
All the while he was doubting it, the pain in his back continued to grow. He couldn’t sleep. He lost his appetite.

Things got so bad, Finney’s boss told him to go to the hospital. The supervisor insisted, “No, you’re going to the doctor now. You don’t look good,” according to the Mercury News.
The doctors took forever to see him. The pain continued to grow.

After countless tests, doctors diagnosed Finney with “interior bruising of the thoracic cavity, due to blunt-force trauma.”
But then doctors saw something that made them believe the shark attack had been good luck!

During the testing, doctors saw something worrying. Finney had a tumor on his kidney that looked like cancer.
Fortunately, it was only in Stage 1 so doctors had found it very early.
“If they hadn’t made this incidental find, I wouldn’t have known until it was too late,” said Finney. “I could have ended up with cancer metastasizing all over my stomach area, and you don’t come back from that.”
Before he knew it, Finney was under for surgery
Doctors removed cancer and he has been cancer-free since. Now Finney has a shark attack to thank for his life.

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