When She Posted This Image Of Her Cuts , I Was Confused. But The Reason? DEVASTATING

Though tanning may make your skin look beautiful and colorful at first, its adverse effects later down the road may cause any reason to tan to not be worth it.Tanning damages skin tissue and causes a slew of problems, one of which being cancer…

An Indianapolis, Indiana, woman is sharing her story about tanning as a teenager, and what it has done to her as an adult in an attempt to warn people about the dangers of tanning.

Judy Cloud shared her story in a lengthy post on Facebook talking about the dangers of tanning that she has experienced. She states that “This is the result of having numerous sunburns as a child and teen, and not being religious about applying sunscreen, and staying out in the sun far too long as a teen and into my 20’s and even early 30’s,”

Judy was diagnosed with skin cancer in 1995 and since has had four surgeries to help stop the problem. Specifically, she was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma is caused by long-term sun exposure.
The cost of Judy’s latest surgery was over $28,000.

Judy says she spends her lunch hour responding to people sending her messages with similar experiences and thanking her for speaking up about her troubles.
Judy said she just wants to raise awareness about tanning and wants to help warn people about what they are doing to their bodies

“I see too many young girls and teenagers who are tanned year round, and I know what they’re doing to their skin,”

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