My Mom Gave Me 1 Glass Of This Drink Every Morning. It Was Not So Tasty But In Just 1 Month I Lost 15 Kgs Without Exercise

Read this article carefully and find out how to prepare one very beneficial drink that will help you to get rid of excess weight without any strict diet plan or intensive workouts…


Ingredients needed:

  • Juice from half lemon
  • Glass of warm water
  • Honey
  • ¼ teaspoon of Kalonji (black seeds) powder
  • Half teaspoon of black pepper


The preparation is simple. Just place all the elements in one glass of warm drinking water and blend everything very well with a teaspoon. Consume this kind of combination prior to breakfast about an empty belly. Add darling if you would like to enhance the flavor. You should purchase organic and natural honey, as the available honey contains sugar commercially.

You shall need to consume this drink, in a clear belly, immediately after you up awake.

Few more tips for fast weight loss:

Consume more water

Stay away from sugary foods and junk food

Start walking or jogging.

Start doing stretching exercises in the morning after you wake up.


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