Genius Trick To Expand Your Tight Shoes , After This You’ll Wear Them Without Any Pain

Tight shoes are really uncomfortable and sometimes even painful, particularly if the shoes are new. In today’s article, we are going to present you one useful trick about how to stretch your tight shoes in a very simple way…

This quick trick works best at leather shoes. Still, you can try it with other shoes such as shoes made of artificial leather, but make sure to repeat the process after a while.


First, take 2 plastic bags with zip-lock as you should seal them. Fill a quarter of the bags with water. Then, place them in the shoes and put them in the freezer.

Take the shoes out after few hours, when the water becomes completely frozen. Leave your shoes for about 20 minutes, until the ice melts. Finally, get the bags out of the shoes and dry them with hairdryer.
This is an amazing trick that really works. Now you can stretch your shoes and make them comfortable to wear. Some people claim that you can expand the shoes to your entire shoe size.

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