Press This Part Of Your Foot Every Day And Watch What Happens To Your Body

Alternative medicine means untraditional medicine on the natural basis. Modern medicine can’t always do the trick, so that’s when we turn to our mother nature. Many practitioners use acupressure and are convinced that it’s the ultimate health remedy. Acupressure is used to improve general health and condition of the particular points by physical pressure by hand or elbow…

Our body has about 1100 acupressure points and they relate to certain parts and organs. One of those points is the LV 3 point, which is significant as a potent multipurpose booster for all-around health.

So, what are the benefits?

Stress relief – This point affects stress levels positively. It is done by increasing your concentration and clarity of thought.

Painkiller – LV 3 can be an excellent source of pain relief because it is related to the lower back. Genital problems can also be reduced by stimulating LV 3. It helps with eye problems and headaches as well.

Digestion – By stimulating this point, you will cure your indigestion, upset stomachs, and even hangovers. So, maybe if you could manage your metabolism point through this point, you could find ways to slim down!

Antidepressant – According to some studies, LV 3 can also help you fight anxiety and depression.

Fight Parkinson’s – This is a method which also includes acupuncture as well as acupressure, but it is said that it’s used for a long time to fight tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease.

You can easily find your LV 3 point. It is located on your leg, between your big toe and the adjacent one. Then, find the famous spot by moving two fingers’ width downward. The point is located near the protruding bone, but not quite on it. When you find a slight depression in your foot, just press it gently and massage the area several times in a day.

We have to mention that this type of medicine, with all its benefits, has its bad sides. Some of the points can lead to complications, and it is recommended that you should not experiment yourself. Visit a licensed professional instead and enjoy your life!

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