This Is The Best Natural Laxative To Clear All The ‘’Stuck Poop’’ In Your Intestines…You Will Lose 3 KG In Just 1 Day!

At your own home, you can prepare yourself a natural laxative that is extremely effective thanks to the ingredients needed for the preparation of that laxative. The main ingredients are prunes and their content of fiber will help in softening the stool and that will help to relieve constipation in a very short period of time…

Get the following ingredients:

-1 cup of prunes (150 grams);
-1 cup of dates without bone (150 grams);
-5 cups of water.

Here is how to prepare it:

Start with placing the water on the heat and leave it there until it reaches its boiling point. Meanwhile, you should cut the prunes and dates into really small pieces and put them into the boiled water afterward. After that, until the mixture reduces, simmer it.


Consume this mixture on an empty stomach early in the morning, and everyone can consume this mixture, no matter how old you are. You can combine this mixture with cereal or yogurt or something you might think will go well with this mixture.


You can also try to leave prunes in a glass of water to stay for one night and in the morning to consume them.

You should increase the intake of foods rich in fiber if you are dealing with constipation and also you should increase the amount of water you drink during the day.

What can also help in softening the stool is lemon water. But remember that if you use some of these methods you might need to visit the bathroom and that is why you should consume them whenever you have access to a bathroom.

You should immediately visit a doctor whenever you have constipation frequently.

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