ALERT : There’s A New Fatal Disease Crueler Than HIV !

Many Americans have a superman complex when it comes to contracting STDs. But one disease, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is taking over, and it is probably affecting someone you know.It is considered to be the most widespread sexually transmitted disease in the world threat, but bear in mind that not only intercourse spreads this disease…

HPV is made up of a group of viruses that attack your skin and membranous areas. It can cause lesions on your throat or cervix.

But genital skin to skin contact can also cause the HPV to spread to new people.The scariest part? It can be passed through skin to skin contact. That means you don’t necessarily need to engage in intercourse to contract it.

 This is important because, you might think that condoms are just enough to keep you safe from HPV, but just by touching the skin of the genitalia with your own, will make you contract the disease.

Some statistics show that around 65% of every woman will contract HPV in some period of their lives. This is a worrying fact to how infectious HPV is.


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