3 Kids Run Out To Give Garbage Man Gatorade – 30 Seconds Later , Mom Catches This On Camera…

Tuesdays and Fridays are hands down the best days of the week for the Reich triplets. Holden, Heaton, and Wilder scramble outside the second they see the garbage truck strolling down their road. With eager giggles, they embrace their good friends Mr. Rob and Mr. Chad who equally savor every moment they get to spend with the adorable tots…

Their mom, Martha Sugalski, caught one of these precious interactions on camera last week. With 15 million views and counting, it’s got the Internet swooning over America’s favorite garbage men.
Martha shared the video along with this caption: “Garb” day is almost here—the snickerdoodles were so excited to see their friends on Tuesday!!!
Just watch what happens as her little ones run out to greet Mr. Rob and Mr. Chad with ice-cold Gatorade and the warmest of smiles.

“I’m grateful for today,” Martha wrote on Facebook. “Grateful the babies were able to see their friends that they clearly love so much.

Grateful that these men take time out of their busy schedule to hang with us for a little bit on Tuesdays and Fridays. They truly are our favorite days of the week.”


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