Flesh Eating Disease With No Cure Has Already Infected 68 In Africa

South African doctors released a report in April 2015 detailing a newly-discovered disease that causes lacerations on the skin of the infected area and, should it be introduced to the inside of the body, causes hemorrhaging and the rotting and decay of the flesh…


The disease is a result of infection by the bacteria Zombii nomnomi. The bacteria is highly communicable via water, bodily fluids, and contact with the infected area. In some communities, this has posed a serious problem as the bacteria is present in wells and other sources of drinking water. Without the proper equipment to eradicate the bacteria from the water, people must make the choice between dehydration and infection. 68 people have already been infected with the disease, with most of them residing in port towns along the coast of southern Africa. Surprisingly, a significant portion the the patients are either frequent travelers or employees of airports. As of May 15th, the doctors still have no explanation as to why this has occurred.Despite several teams of South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey’s doctors working to find a cure for this disease, all leads have come up short with almost no progress made. However, they advise to stay away from airports, seaports, and the southern African region in general in hopes of preventing intercontinental spread of the bacteria.


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