Doctors Told Father To Stop “Torturing” His Dead Baby, But This Incredible Miracle Happened

It was a New Year’s eve four years ago that this Russian family would never forget. Ruslan and Anatasia Odomec have two children, Rodomir, 5, and Alesya, 3…


They were celebrating New Year and the couple could hear the children playing and laughing. But a sudden deafening silence engulped the house that night. The couple already know that something wrong happened.
They went to search for their kids but Alesya is nowhere to be found. They’ve searched the entire house until they finally find her in the bottom of their indoor pool. Ruslan pulled her out of the water lifeless. He then immediately performed a CPR on her.

Anastasia saw what was happening and fainted in fear. Family members called the ambulance and 30 minutes later, doctors came rushing on the scene.

Father’s Love
The doctors declared Alesya dead upon their arrival but her father never wanted to give up. He continued doing the CPR but the doctors tried to pull him and kept on telling him to stop “torturing” his child’s dead body.

 God’s Intervention
But God stepped in the scene and her heart suddenly began beating faintly again. Doctors know that even though her heart began beating again, it would never be that easy for her to survive. They assumed a brain damage after having no oxygen for about 45 minutes.

Alesya was on a coma for 2 days and when she woke up, their terrors were confirmed. She was blind, mute and unable to move.

But God did another miracle of restoring Alesya. After a few weeks, she was back in her old self before the accident. She could see, talk and move all the parts of her body.

It was because of God’s divine intervention and her father’s belief that saved Alesya’s life. For God knows every cry of our hearts and He heard a father’s cry for her child’s life.


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