Mom And Dad Expect Normal Twins, But When They See The Second Baby Like This? UNBELIEVABLE

A California-based photographer was recently hired to take photos of a home birth in action. The parents, who already acquired home birthing experience with their first child, decided to document their second home birth, this time with their newborn twins — a precious boy and girl…


But Robin Baker, an award-winning birth photographer at Birth Blessings Photography & Childbirth Services, was in store for a massive surprise.

Not only is it rare for twins to be born at home, but it’s also exceptionally rare for any baby to be born “en caul,” inside the amniotic sac — which is exactly what happened with Baby B.

The amniotic sac provides the baby with a constant supply of nutrients, as well as serving as a cushion of protection from any bumps that might occur from the outside world.

As the baby grows inside the protective membrane of his or her mother’s amniotic sac, it typically bursts naturally, causing the mother’s water to break.

Mom and Dad had 30 minutes of bonding time with Baby A before Baby B arrived en caul.

However, Mom and Dad had no idea the other twin would be born completely encased in the sac until the moment he started to crown.

And, according to Buzzfeed, the babies were born so swiftly that the OB-GYN and his team arrived after they were already successfully delivered by the father. Absolutely incredible.



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