Rescuer Points To White Spot On Happy Rescue Dog, It Is Actually Her Bone Sticking Out

Most rescue videos will show the somber and sometimes lifeless dog being taken into care, and then an after video or photo which shows them happily again…

But, shockingly enough, this is not always the case. Sometimes, you get a real fighter and an adorable puppy that reminds all of us humans to simply be happy!

In this video from Murphy’s Paw, a dog grooming shop and boutique, we meet little Lily.

Lily was found injured and starving, but as you can see from this video, she never stopped wagging her tail. And when you realize that the tiny white spot you see on her, is actually a bone popping out of her body, you’ll be even more impressed with her peppy personality.

One of the rescuers decided to post the video on Facebook, with a touching caption, “To see a starved dog with a bone sticking out of her body… wagging her tail with joy? It’s one of the many reasons why I love dogs. Because dogs live in the moment. They embrace love. And they have the amazing capacity to move on without looking back.”

I don’t think we can get more accurate than that. Since this video, Lily has recovered greatly from an amputation. She’s 2 years old, 8 pounds and loves other pets, people, and life in general!

Watch below, I think you’ll see all of that in the video.

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