Woman Steals From An Open House, Then Strangers Barricade The Door When She Tries To Escape

In 2014, What Would You Do? took a theft problem to their show. Much like most of their episodes, it focused on a topic that was very relevant at the time. In 2014, there were many stories in the news that involved thieves that went to open houses and took the homeowners’ possessions, taking advantage of the open-door policy that often stands for these Realtor efforts…


So the show set up a few different scenarios in which actors visibly took things from the home, just to see what the real people who weren’t in on the show’s plan would do.

And, surprisingly enough, Good Samaritans stepped up to the task!

In the many different scenarios, the camera catches multiple groups of people not only confronting the thieves but also calling the police!

Thankfully, the police knew about the show’s scenario and didn’t have to proceed to help a fake case, but the people who didn’t know it was fake even barricaded the door, waiting for authorities!

They all showed what respectful, honest, and good members of the community they are. And once they found out it was all a hoax, and the cameras came out of hiding, they continued the honesty!

What would you do in this situation?

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