Mom Rushes To School To Pick Up Her Son, But A Stranger’s Child Waits For Her Instead

During the daytime hours of the weekdays, it seems safe to say that most parents are relieved to have some time to themselves at home or to go to work after a long morning of getting their kids ready for the day…


In fact, most parents — while they may be sometimes worried or just wondering about what goes on in class or on the playground — don’t give it a second thought. The days go on as usual: kids get on the bus to get to school, and then get back on at the end of the day to get home.

But one mom was left in tears when her son was nowhere to be found after his bus passed by his house.

Jennifer France was waiting for her 3-year-old son, Gabriel, at the bus stop at the end of the school day. Then, she suddenly got sick and rushed inside the house in a hurry.

When she returned to the stop not long after, the bus had already come and gone. She assumed that the driver had taken Gabriel back to school because there was no one at the stop to pick him up.

But when she arrived at the school, Gabriel wasn’t there. The child waiting for her there was not him.

Frantic, she tried everything to find him: she imagined all the terrible things that could happen, all because he was dropped off at the wrong house. As it turns out, Gabriel had been dropped off at another boy’s grandfather’s house.

The crying mom was reunited with her son shortly after the mixup was identified. France is just thankful he’s alive and unharmed.

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