This Is The Ultimate Cure For All Vision Problems – RECIPE

According to a famous Russian ophthalmologist, the amazing remedy we’re presenting in this article can treat numerous diseases and relieve intraocular pressure. The remedy is quite simple to prepare and contains only natural ingredients – Aloe Vera, walnuts, honey and lemons…


The cure can calm your intraocular weight and enhance your vision. Take after the basic guidelines underneath to figure out how to set it up, however counsel your specialist before beginning the treatment.


500 gr. of pulverized walnuts

100 gr. of Aloe Vera juice

300 gr. of nectar

Lemon juice (from 3-4 lemons)


Simply blend every one of the fixings in a blender for two or three minutes and it’s finished!


The Russian specialist suggests expending a tablespoon of the blend 3 times each prior day suppers. Utilize it until you see enhancements. The cure is a vitamin “bomb” which can fortify your body other than enhancing your vision. Keep it in the ice chest and utilize it for a most extreme of 10 days.

Note: don’t expend Aloe Vera juice in case you’re experiencing intense renal sickness, gastrointestinal disarranges, incendiary procedures in the female genital organs, tuberculosis and hemorrhoids. Pregnant ladies ought to dodge it too, and the juice ought not be more seasoned than 3 years.

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