Stop throwing away banana peels: 10 ways you can use them!

Bananas are cherished by everybody! They are a standout amongst the most prominent natural products on the plant, and in spite of having a heavenly taste, these organic products likewise offer various medical advantages…


In any case, would you say you were mindful of the way that likewise the banana peels can be utilized for a wide range of things?

Bananas are rich in cell reinforcements, vitamins, and minerals, yet every one of us ordinarily discard their peels, despite the fact that they are to a great degree valuable. Here are 10 ways you can utilize banana peels for:


Bananas are high in potassium. Put the banana peel over the temple, and the back of the neck to ease a cerebral pain.


Banana peels can dispense with warts adequately. You simply need to rub their inward side on the influenced zone, or put a little piece on the wart, and secure it with a gauze.


Banana peels saturate the skin, assuage irritation, and cure psoriasis. Apply the peel on the influenced zone 1-2 times day by day, and the impacts will be obvious in just a few days.

Tingles and Rashes

Apply banana peels on the influenced zone, and they will alleviate irritation and rashes soon.

Teeth brightening

Clean your teeth with a banana peel for a few minutes, and in a few weeks, your teeth will be splendidly white and sound.

Treat Hemorrhoids

Banana peels give extraordinary impacts if there should be an occurrence of hemorrhoids. You simply need to rub a peel on the zone for 5 minutes and rehash the method 5 times day by day.

Bug Bites

Rub the banana peel on bug chomps to mitigate tingling and quiet the skin.

Skin inflammation

Banana peels will ease aggravation and bothering, furthermore avert episodes. Rub the peel on the skin inflammation before going to bed.


Banana peels have some effective regenerative properties, so they can quicken the recuperating of the wounds.

Characteristic cleaning

Banana peels can sparkle back your furniture, kitchen utensils, wipe the dust off of the leaves of the plants in your home, and even clean your shoes!

What astonishing advantages of banana peels! Next time you eat a banana, don’t discard it! Use it carefully!

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