Little known facts about Giant Panda

As China’s informal mascot and the image of the World Wildlife Fund, the monster panda is a standout amongst the most darling creatures on the planet. It is additionally one of the more imperiled species on the planet, with just around 1000-2000 living in nature…


Preservation endeavors and rearing projects are at present set up to reestablish panda populaces to their local living space in the mountain backwoods of southwest China.

Goliath pandas are distinguished by their unmistakable high contrast shading. Their ears, gag, eyes, shoulders and legs are dark while whatever is left of their body is white. Their thick hair keeps them warm in the cool, wet mountain zones. At the point when on all fours, monster pandas normal between 60-100 cm (2-3 ft.) tall at the shoulder and between 1-2 m (4-6 ft.) long. They can weigh between 100-115 kg (220-250 lb.), with guys being bigger than females.

One of the intriguing transformative qualities of the panda is their distending wrist bone that demonstrations like a thumb. This helps the pandas hold bamboo while they chomp on it with their solid molar teeth. Bamboo makes up almost the whole eating routine of the panda. Because of the low wholesome estimation of bamboo, pandas need to eat 10-20 kg (20-40 lb.) a day. At times pandas will eat other accessible nourishment, including little rodents, eggs, fish and other vegetation. Bamboo gives a decent measure of water, however pandas need to supplement this with crisp water every day.

Panda bear cubWhen pandas are between 4-8 years old, they achieve development and can duplicate. Be that as it may, female pandas are just ready to wind up pregnant for 2-3 days every spring! In this little window of time, male and female pandas locate each other through aromas and calls like that of goats or sheep. They don’t thunder like different bears.

Somewhere around 95 and 160 days of getting to be pregnant, the female panda will conceive an offspring. The infant whelp is visually impaired, bare, and little, weighing just 85-140 g (3-5 oz.). Totally powerless, the whelp can’t move much all alone for almost 3 months. Thus, the mother is exceptionally defensive and watchful in tending to her fledgling amid this time.

Protection Status

Because of the way that pandas recreate so rarely, it is exceptionally troublesome for their populace to recuperate from such a low point. Goliath pandas are as of now arranged on IUCN’s Red List as a jeopardized species.

One the primary reasons that pandas have ended up jeopardized is living space demolition. As the populace in China keeps on developing, pandas’ environment gets assumed control by improvement, pushing them into littler and less bearable territories. Territory demolition additionally prompts sustenance deficiencies. Pandas feast upon a few assortments of bamboo that sprout at various times of the year. In the event that one sort of bamboo is devastated by advancement, it can leave the pandas with nothing to eat amid the time it regularly sprouts, expanding the danger of starvation.

What You Can Do to Help

Untamed life holds have been set up in parts of China to ensure the pandas have a home, and care is taken to ensure they get by in nature. Specialists keep on studying how pandas breed with an end goal to build the populace. You can help by giving or receiving a panda through the World Wildlife Fund.

Panda Distribution


Although there are only 1600 pandas living in the wild, they naturally inhabit the mountain forests of southwest China.

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