Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Curves In Sexy Skintight Jeans & Tiny Crop Top

Kylie Jenner, 19, had one truly provocative photoshoot on Aug. 25, when she was posturing in only a basic white harvest top and pants. Kylie’s body looked completely crazy in this outfit and we are fixated! Her cleavage was wild in this small minimal top and she was not hesitant to flaunt her shapely body! What did you all think about Kylie’s attractive look?…


Kylie is not one to bashful far from a very close photoshoot and that is precisely what she did when she postured amidst the desert.

Kylie’s cleavage was actually spilling out of the highest point of this shirt and we have never seen her boobs look greater, isn’t that so? She styled the little harvest top with a couple of Vetements High Waisted Jeans in Blue which are an astounding $1,827. Kylie’s butt looked unbelievable in these pants — between her small abdomen and awe-inspiring base, we just about believed is was more seasoned sister, Kim Kardashian, 35, from behind!

Beside Kylie looking voluptuous, she displayed her conditioned tummy in her shirt and she has all out abs — how can she do it!?

We are fixated on Kylie’s straightforward, yet absolutely attractive look. What do you folks think about her outfit — do you adore it as much as we do?


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